• Fatihah Abdullah

Life as an Accountant

People always say that accountants are really good at mathematics and counting numbers. Some may say "You're an accountant. You must be really good at saving money" or most probably they define you as "fussy". Well, I have been an accountant since 2017 and I tell you those are all myths. In fact, I am terribly bad at managing my own savings and always struggle to make ends meet. We are particular, not fussy like most people tell about us. We just want to make sure we do it right.

An accountant is actually a person who keeps financial accounts or to make it short we call them as data entry. However, it may seem more complicated than that especially during the studies. You have to undergo internship in the first place. As someone who had experienced an internship, I would recommend you to go for audit firm. Here are the reasons. An audit firm provides services such a auditing, tax and definitely accounting services as well. Some of the audit firm provide corporate advisory and also secretary services too. There, you will have the opportunities to learn various types of accounts from different type of business natures. If you are lucky, you can learn how to do audit, secretary and perhaps travel to clients' places to do audit. Might sounds fun yet sometimes can be a nightmare.

Nightmare. The true nightmare comes during peak season. Most likely in the middle of the year. Sometimes you have to work during weekends just for the deadlines which not everyone can tolerate. The stress goes on when auditors and tax agents are also rushing for the deadlines so they push you to finish the accounts as soon as possible. The moment they receive the accounts they would be so glad that everything is being arranged neatly. But what they do not know is we struggle a lot to ensure that everything is being filed accordingly when clients could provide us is one hell messy of accounts not to forget all the receipts (which the ink has faded) as what so called "claim by director". Well as if we do not know that they bought for themselves but they say it they bought for the company.

The stress never ends there. You have to deal with the clients. Well if you are lucky, you have the chances to meet a nice client who already filed the accounts nicely, prepare a draft of the expenses for the month so that you won't get headache or the bare minimum is gives full cooperation when being asked. I repeat again, we are not being fussy but we are being particular. However, you might want to yell at certain clients especially the last minute ones. I do not think a sane human will be happy to receive a full messy accounts one week before the submission of audit. On top of that, worst case scenarios, the one who always too busy to even answer the queries and the ones who are too stubborn. That is the moment you started to feel like yelling at them but you can't. Because they pay you. AHA!

Well, being an accountant is not that hard. You may be thinking the "what if" when you are doing accounts. "What if its not tally?" or "What if I key in wrongly?" or "What if these expenses are not for the company? Where should I put those?". Well, we do not calculate manually anymore. We have our own software that is capable to indicate the right or wrong. If it not tally, then you will get notifications from the software. Hence your accounts will always be balanced. That solves one problem. But do not worry, at the end of the day you will just going to enjoy doing those things and take it as those good old days.

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