It is an ideology that every one of us has the power and will to END something that matters to you. 

Our founder's intention to find a way to eradicate unemployment began during his participation in Youth Nation Summit 2011 (click the picture on the right for the video recording. He is in Orange Tshirt at 4:15 minit). 

It was during those three days he saw the wealth gap amongst the Rakyat and a glimpse of reality. He is fully aware that, unemployment is a popular topic that has been debated since ancient times, precisely since the first coin was minted during the Mesopotamia era and ended barter trade. He also understands that the keys to unemployment are Business, Economy, and Wealth.

To achieve all, He first needs to understand and feel each aspect of it. To do so, he needs to step into the ring.

He then applied to join a newly founded Non-Profit Organization - myHarapan, a youth trust foundation.

He volunteered in a program known as - Youth Defined: Shape Our Future (YD). Together with 31 others volunteer they set on to be equipped in Media Management, Event Management, Government Protocol, Presentation Skill, and Government Policy and initiative that rolled out by PEMANDU.

Through the YD, he able to travel between states, meeting people that he never could meet on a normal occasion, exchanging thoughts and ideas, and see things on the ground as it happens. The process to change something is long, but it needs to start somewhere.

After YD ended, he submitted a proposal, to myHarapan for a project that will place every tertiary student as a clerk during each semester break in an SME that relevant to their course of study. U Got It.

The project managed to earn a SEED grant by myHarapan and it was presented by the then Prime Minister at PWTC in 2012. U Got It, turns out to be not successful as he intended, and this solely based on his naivety of "Trade" and "Needs". 

The failure is a smack of reality to him that he got a lot to learn and understand how the world works.


So, in 2013, he managed to gain sponsorship by British Council to Global Social Business Summit: 2013, by myHarapan and Grameen Creative Lab as part of the Young Challenger Programmed. There, he able to converse with dozens of other Young Challenger that come across the globe and has done impact on their own, such as Dr. Ahmad Lutfi, and compare to his determination and preparation with him, he realized that he is far more than ready to tackle UNEMPLOYMENT. At this point, he does grasp what he needs - Network, Capital and Trust.

Since then, he works on to start his own Enterprise in Johor, in Food & Beverages (F&B) industry, he gains some seed fund and tasted what other new business owners feel during the first six months of your business. He reflected and completely understood why U Got It had failed in the first place. He continues to mingle amongst other enterprise owners in the area and he found that it much easier to converse once you are on the same level as them.


The total of 4 years of that experience, taught him that, Unemployment is not a crisis, but it is a choice, a choice that an individual succumbs once all odd against him that fueled by revenuesperceptionsocio-environment, and self-will.

He then returns to the Capital and meets up with his mentors and voice out his concern and one factor concluded, that he needs Capital and the best way to earn it is by understanding how Money, Bank, and Corporate work.

So here he is, with NZIS, a corporation that with the ideology to End Unemployment by investing experience, knowledge, capital (money & labor) towards every new business for their first 3 years of existence to ensure that they gain a solid foundation to employ as many individuals they can until no one in this country has to lose their income at any given age.

As the late Steve Job said, "Here's to the Crazy Ones."

Nazirul Amin Bin Thalha


Business consultancy

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