Frequently asked questions


How do I prounounce NZIS?

NZIS are prounounced as END THIS.


The word trace back to the roots of why a business exist? That is to provide an end to other challenges and make a profit from it. Base on that, it is also an idealogy that we want to spread to all, that each one of us has the capability to end something that matter to us and our community.

Where does NZIS based?

We are based in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Who are the founder?

The founder of NZIS is a Malaysian born and KLite, Mr. Nazirul Amin. The idea to create the corporation begin during his stint at Youth Nation Summit 2011 and his involvement with Youth Trust Foundation - myHarapan. He aimed to build a corporation that will never expunge any employee within the corporation and continue to empower each one to seek their joy in life and pursue their dream.


How our Business Consultancy being done?

Firstly, we will request you to complete the & 16personalities test to gauge your character. Secondly, we will request you to complete your Business Model Canvas (BMC) within an hour time. Thirdly, we will conduct a role play to see your psychology readiness and your understanding on what your life will be once you begin and during your journey running a business. There is NO FEE for this other than you respect our and yours time.


We provide a minimum of RM500 funding for you to start your business, once you pass all our test.

Financial Service

Our financial services are done by provide you with: One (1) Accountant Executive One (1) Finance Executive One (1) Cloud Accounting Software They will act as a member of your establishment. You may consider them as your remote Chief Financial Officer. They will advise and analyse your business financial performance, and provide you with an insight to grow and control your capital accordingly. We have seen so many early stage entrepreneur that unable to survive their first 3 years journey due to mismanagement of funding and lack of understanding in financial management. So let us do it for you, so you may focus entirely on your Sales.

Web Development

We will assist you in creating a website for your business at half of the cost. All website will be done via


Interested to be part of our Journey?

We hardly care of what written in your resume. What important for us is your result in & test. Next we want to know what bring joy to your life? Be sure to check our corporation Pillar.

Wonderful! I want to send my result.

Please send your test result to, with the titlle: Do not judge a book by its a cover.

Do we need to work in NZIS office?

The choice is yours. We adopting remote working, inspired by the HOPE principal done in Piktochart. We believe you should be more productive in an environment that you comfortable with.

How will my productivity be measure?

We be using a tool provided by to track each work you committed or task with. Once again, do check our Pillar, and we really strict on being honest.

How about my salary/remuneration/wages?

Your wages will be first determined by the minimum rate shown in, it will grow slowly base on your proficiency in your duty and responsibilities. Our starting rate is RM10/hour. In case you wonder.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid via online transfer before the last day of the month. So we hope you arrange your billing cycle and dues accordingly.